Roadmap (Is not Enough)

At this point, you have probably heard stories of how others are making it into tech.

If you followed the steps in the Getting Started section you now even have a roadmap.


an Inspiring Story and Roadmap alone are not going to be enough for you to reach your goal.

This is going to be a journey!

And on any journey you're going to run into obstacles and challenges.

The people who are going to help you get unstuck...

are not going to be senior engineers with years of experience.

It's not going to be blog posts and tutorials.

In most cases, it's not even going to be your family.

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(Although we love family and support the truth is unless they are already software engineers they will most likely not help you when your function is returning a result that's undefined)

The people who will help you get through this journey and technical challenges are going to be your PEERS.

Your peers are not experts.

They are learners just like you!

Some of them are starting now just like you.

Others have been doing it for weeks or months longer than you.

They know what it is like to be learning how to code on top of their full-time jobs, taking care of kids and elderly parents.

What's Next?

In this section you will begin coding and become a stronger engineer.

You will learn about Pair Programing and you'll find out what it takes to work on a team of engineers.

You will begin learning Fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

You will serve as each others Accountability Partners to ensure you're able to set realistic goals, track your progress and take steps towards your destination.

We broke down this Stage into 4 activities that you will be doing on an on-going basis.

  • Peer Circles - you will be part of PCs where you'll join your peers in discussions, ask questions and find answers

  • Pair Programming - you will be paired with each other on weekly basis to get you into the mode of working with each other

  • Practicing - we will layout challenges and tutorials you will complete in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS to gain master of these skills

  • Research - As you're doing further research into scholarships, bootcamps, engineering roles and resources, you will have access to mentors, alumni, bootcamp partners and of course us along every step

The 4 activities are not meant to be taken in any specific order or during any specific timeframe.

We realize each one of you has a unique learning style.

Although all of you have a goal of becoming software engineers, we realize you all come from different backgrounds and have different responsibilities and obligations.

Tip 2: Do not compare yourself, your learning pace or accomplishments to your peers.

Success on this journey is a factor of how much time you spent practicing and doing the 4 activities above.

We've helped hundreds of people complete this journey and before you know it you will become a software engineer as well!

Just remember: a black belt is a white belt who didn't stop.

Let's Break In!