Challenge Guidelines

1. Update Your Profile

Begin by updating your profile on the Career Karma app.

Select your current stage; Exploring, Preparing for a Bootcamp (include the bootcamp name), Attending a Bootcamp, etc., and add a short bio in order for people can get to know you.

Completing this first step is critical as it will allow us to align you to the best peer circle.

This group will be inclusive of other individuals in your stage.

Leveraging your peer network will be extremely motivating as you will all have the same end goal in mind to hold each other accountable.

Second Step - Join a new Peer Circle

Once you update your profile, post in your current group which prep course you are taking and Timur we'll add you to a new peer circle.

If you are having any issues, just reach out to Timur on the CK app.

3. Show Up

Commitment and consistency are key factors for you to succeed in this challenge. Show up everyday while leveraging our resources and community to make your dream of entering a new career become a reality this year!

This challenge was designed around a proven Formula that has helped thousands of people succeed.

One thing these individuals share in common is that they all surround themselves with a community. In order to complete the #21DayCKChallenge please execute the following weekly:

  1. Connect with people in Career Karma

  2. Post on twitter

  3. Attend 1 workshop weekly

4. Participate

Once you begin the challenge, reach out to 2 people from the community;

1 person who is at your stage and 1 person who is a stage ahead of you.

This will allow you to strengthen your support system, hold each other accountable, reveal new resources, and validate your approach.

Please ensure your Career Karma notifications are turned on in the app to alert you when there is a new message.

Make sure on the Career Karma app you have the notifications turned On so you can respond to messages

We realize reaching out to people you just met might be scary at first...

So here are some good icebreaker questions to ask:

  1. why did you join Career Karma?

  2. where are you from originally?

  3. what was your first job?

  4. where do you want to work in the future?

  5. are you reading any books lately?

  6. how can I help you?

  7. who do you know here? how are you?

  8. what’s keeping you busy lately?

  9. what do you do when you’re not coding?

4. Accountability

To make this challenge a success we're going to be strict with participation.

We can only hold you accountable if you show up and participate.

In order for your Peer Circle to see if you're falling behind or need help, we ask that you take a screenshot of your conversations each day and share it in your group.

Here is an example:

Sample Conversations Screenshot

Keep reminding yourself that this is not just about coding but also about building new habits.

There are going to be moments when you don't have the motivation to take action.

Please do not fret, your peers will help uplift you and there will be times when you do the same.

Example text:

Hey Timur, you're here because you said you want a new career. Haven't heard from you for days now. Do you still want to 'Get that money?'

You get the point :)


Have Fun!

Remember it takes a village and to lean on your community, we are all here to support you and can’t wait for you to succeed.

This is a special moment in time as you are now part of a movement that will help millions of people land new careers including yourself.

Let’s make 2019 the year of change!