Accountability Partners

What are Accountability Partners?

When you joined Career Karma, you did it for a reason.

You did it because you have a goal!

Your goal is to become a software engineer!

However, we know that you will not reach your goal over night.

You will not only need support from your peer circle.

But moreover, you will also need someone to hold you accountable.

We know that there is no better way for you to reach your goals, than having a partner that you can share your highs and lows.

Someone who understands what you're going through.

Because they are going through it themselves.

That's why when you join a CK peer circle you will be connected to an accountability partner who will help push you along the way.

How It Works:

When you first join the Peer Circle, please introduce yourself and get to know others in the group.

A moderator will reach out to you privately and connect you to another person in the Peer Circle who will become your accountability partner.

For tracking purposes, your Peer Circle's moderator will manage the list of accountability pairs and that same moderator will gather feedback on how your relationship is progressing.

At the end of the three weeks, we will ask the moderator to reshuffle accountability partners.

However, the accountability pair can request to remain connected on a case-by-case basis.

Getting Started:

When you get connected to your Accountability Partner we advise you follow the following steps.

1. Find a day & time that same week, for you to meet each other on a Video Chat. (We recommend using Zoom for scheduling)

2. Once you're connected, get to know each other! Tell them about yourself and don't be afraid to be open about your goals.

3. Discuss your goals for the next month, 3-months & 6-months.

4. Talk about your approach and what resources you plan on using to get to your final goal.

5. Talk about frequency of your sync ups. Are you going to text each other, call or video chat? Are you going to sync up daily, couple of days or weekly?

6. Finally, set a goal for the week that involves a deliverable or a goal that's measurable.

Sample goals:

  1. Go through a HTML Intro Course on Codecademy

  2. Spend 6 hours this week studying JavaScript

  3. Attend 2 Pair Programming sessions

  4. Solve 5 Javascript coding challenges

Weekly Sync:

At the end of the week, we encourage you to have a sync up where you discuss with each other what you accomplished that week, what went well and what didn't go well.

Be transparent!

We know things come up.

And not everyone will hit their weekly goal

If you set stretch goals, you will miss some of them. We encourage you to set goals that challenge you vs. goals that you know are within your reach.

Don't forget tho...

They are an AP to you, and you are an Accountability Partner to them.

You're expected to push each other!

Push each other to set goals and stick with it!

If you see you Partner struggling...

brainstorm another approach,

suggest a strategy that has worked for you,

discuss who else within the CK community might be able to help.

At the same time...

If you're partner is being lazy...

Not spending time on hitting their weekly goals,

not doing what they are suppose to...

Tell Them!

We don't expect you to be this brutally honest from the beginning.

As you develop a relationship with your partner, this type of transparency and accountability will help both of you get to your goals faster.

In the long run, this feedback will be crucial for both of you!

They'll will appreciate your honesty and they'll be doing the same for you!